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Real Estate Agents nor Brokers should EVER perform RADON testing; Neither should they recommend which type of testing to be done!  THIS ACTIVITY INVITES INSTANT LAWSUIT FROM BUYER OR/AND SELLER!  It is also not a job that should be requested of a Home Inspection Service...there is simply too much at stake if they get it wrong!  TESTING SHOULD BE DONE ONLY BY A TRAINED AND CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN AND ONLY UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A TRAINED ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST.  Homeowners should NERVER be encouraged to perform a RADON test for themselves.  If not done properly, testing results are unreliable and may result in long-term injury or even death.


Course Content




What is RADON?

What is RADON, how it’s formed, and what it’s degradation products are?

15 min

Student will gain understanding of the scientific basis for the origin and lifecycle of RADON.

Why is it a concern?


What are the health risks of RADON?

10 min

Student will learn about the statistics and health risks resulting from RADON exposure.

How widespread is RADON?

Where RADON is present throughout the state and the United States


15 min

Student will learn the distribution of RADON and the relative levels of radiation

What can be done?


Types of testing usede for determination of the presence and concentration of RADON.

15 min

Student will learn about the various types of testing protocols used for determining the presence of RADON.

Mitigation Types & Costs

ASTM, ISO, and ANSI standards for RADON testing and mitigation will be discussed with USEPA recommendations.

20 min

Student will learn about ASTM, ISO, ANSI, and the various types of mitigations recommended.

Importance of Certification

Requirements for and different types of certification will be discussed

5 min

Student will learn the various standards, requirements, and certifications for RADON inspectors and mitigators. 

Realtor Liability

The liability of all Realtors and CRS disclosure requirements for RADON testing and mitigation will be discussed.

20 min

Student will learn what their liability is for disclosure of  RADON testing and mitigation.


Test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions.  Test pool of 45 questions.

20 min

Successful passing grade is 80%. Retesting is available on site.  All tests are proctored and scored with a key.

Certificate Issue

Record of certificate kept 7-years

10 min

Certificate issued upon successful completion of issued test.




This course is 2.0 CEUs & is only $40.  It includes:



     Course with Powerpoint Presentation & Lecture

     Printed Course Outline Handout

     Printed Lecture Pages Handout

     Course Book

     Course Certificate

     Automatic submission to DRE of your completed CEUs

     Visual Aids [actual installation equipment.]



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