Open FEEs Policy

KES puts our fees for services openly online to take away any misgivings you may have while shopping for services to make your family or building occupants safe.  Other RADON companies will make you work hard to find them or make you call and talk to some salesperson to find out what their fees are; and then will usually have a weedle clause included somewhere so they can charge you more (to be sure, there are always mitigating circumstances but they are no mystery to the true professionals).  Moreover, other RADON companies will always charge what the unsuspecting market will bear, not what the service is actually worth.  Our publication of OUR fees keeps the others honest.


We don't believe you should have to WORK HARD just to find out what you will be charged.

RADON Testing Services - Costs

Testing for each structure will be conducted for 3 (and preferrably 7) days followed by a two(2) week laboratory testing and reporting period.  Total time to complete testing - three (3) weeks.  (YOU CAN HAVE IT DONE FAST, OR YOU CAN HAVE IT DONE SAFELY AND CORRECTLY...your choice, your safety!)


Testing Services:    Single Family Home ----------- $88 - $127

Testing Services:    Public Building ----------------- $154-$241

Testing Services:    Schools & Universities -------- $289/bldg


*the reason for the "range" of cost is based solely on the number of testing canisters needed to perform testing.  More canisters means more (higher) canister/laboratory fees and more time needed to set, document, and retrieve the canisters.

RADON Mitigation - Costs

Mitigation costs are variable.  A written report at the conclusion of testing will include options for mitigation (if mitigation is needed) and a written cost proposal along with recommendations for the type of mitigation best suited to your structure.


General* Costs -

Single Family Home                                        $850 - $1,450

Public Buildings                                            $2,800 - $6,500

Schools (per building)                                  $4,600 - $7,100


All installations include a follow-up site testing ($78-$125  value) to make certain that the installation is performing as it is supposed to, insuring you and your family's safety.







*These prices "generally hold" for most structures.


**Not all structures are constructed alike; under special circumstnces a basement may be finished or unfinished, or may be only a partial basement with bare, exposed ground.  Should mitigation be required, the bare, exposed ground would need to be sealed and such an operation is material and labor intensive, substantially raising the cost of mitigation.  In another application, the concrete floor of a basement may need to be drilled and cored; this, again is equipment and labor intensive adding additional cost to a mitigation.  These are only two examples of how mitigation construction costs may vary from the above pricing structure.


You should receive a written report after testing which contains a cost estimate; read your cost estimate thrououghly for any deviations from the above cost structure.