My name is Tom Kabis.


I am a 43-year veteran of the Environmental Science Profession. I hold several undergraduate degrees in earth sciences and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science. I came out of retirement to re-open KES after moving to Colorado five years ago and learning that many of the RADON mitigation and testing companies operating here in Colorado are testing improperly and installing RADON mitigation systems improperly. In short, of the several hundred mitigation systems I have inspected, less than 20% are installed properly and even less are operating optimally. Call me for a free inspection and evaluation; fair and honest. Peruse this website for information you need for your safety and the safety and health of your family. Thank You

Kabis Environmental Services (KES) is proud to bring more than 43-years of environmental experience to Colorado.  The President and Proprietor of KES invites you to experience professionalism at it's finest.

Our website isn't glitzy with lots of nice pictures....but our service is not just excellent, it should be the industry STANDARD!

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Don't be fooled by fancy graphics! Certified Inspector means NOTHING!

Many of the so-called "CERTIFIED" RADON companies are doing poor and shoddy work.   Don't be fooled by private entity, non-governmental certifi-cations.  "Industry" certifi-cations carry no weight of reprisal for shoddy work.  That means, unless you hire an "educated", "ex-perienced" inspector, you're wasting your money and gambling on your health and safety.




There is even one company that BOASTS that they guarantee to get your RADON test count down to 4.0!  That's good, but EPA says the action level is 2.0!!

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